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Surgeon, Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialist
Cosmetic Gynecologist

Op. Dr. Özgür Ağlamış

Patient Comments

Here are just some of the things my patients have said about me and what I’ve done for them:

“Flying 1,446 km to see you was worth it! You fixed my vaginismus for me! Thanks you for all your help, doc!”


“I’ve been married for two years. Vaginismus, however, had caused serious problems on my marriage until I met Dr. Ağlamış. I had two one-hour sessions with him to correct. The results were a 100% success! Thank you!”


“I saw Dr. Ağlamış for having a labiaplasty and vagina bleaching done. He gave me outstanding results. He immediately understood what my problem was without saying my need to him. He didn’t leave me with a single doubt in my mind either. Thanks a million!”



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