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Genital Aesthetic Operations

Rejuvenate your genital area.

Although the genital area is exposed to chronic traumas such as aging, childbirth, hot waxing or epilation, it begins to age, deform, lose volume and lose skin quality, as in other parts of the body. With genital rejuvenation applications, surgical or non-surgical procedures, it is possible to get rid of these signs of aging and to refresh the lost self-confidence.

According to the researches, genital aesthetic operations are the most increasing trend aesthetic applications compared to previous years. Along with the developing technology, laser and radiofrequency applications have taken their place in genital aesthetic operations, giving patients the opportunity to perform applications that provide painless and faster healing processes. Likewise, rejuvenation procedures such as filling and Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) applications are frequently used genital aesthetic applications.

Genital Estetik genital bölgeniz için istediğiniz görünümü sağlar.

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Who Needs Genital Aesthetics?

The primary aim is to beautify the appearance, correct the deteriorated anatomy, and reshape the genital area in line with the desired appearance, as in all aesthetic surgery operations. In addition, since the genital area is the area where sexual intercourse takes place, it is aimed to correct not only the appearance but also the functions with the procedures performed.

For example, inner lip aesthetics not only corrects the shape of labium minus that have lost their former form, deformed, sagging, darkened edges, but also eliminates chronic and persistent vaginal discharge due to this deformity, treats pain during intercourse, and relieves irritation and pain when wearing tight underwear, bikini, tights. also makes it disappear.

  • Those who gave birth to genital aesthetic operations more than one or in the form of large babies through the normal vaginal way
  • Those with wide tears at birth
  • Birth rupture poorly healed
  • Those who heal with cesarean sutures leaving scars
  • Those who have a sound or air coming out of their vagina during intercourse due to vaginal enlargement over time
  • Those whose inner lips are drooping, large, asymmetrical since puberty
  • Those whose inner lips droop later, lose their form, and their edges become darker
  • Those whose genital area changes color and darkens due to hot waxing and epilation
  • Those who cannot orgasm during sexual intercourse and cannot provide sufficient arousal
  • At first, everything was fine, but later on, those who started to lose sensation during sexual intercourse
  • Those whose outer lips lose volume and begin to wrinkle
  • Genital area skin quality deteriorates and starts to wrinkle
  • Those who start to leak urine when laughing, sneezing, pushing, coughing need it.



Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus, also known as the first night fear, is the inability to have sexual intercourse or painful intercourse due to involuntary contractions.

Genital Aesthetics

With genital rejuvenation applications, it is possible to get rid of the signs of aging and to refresh the lost self-confidence with surgical or non-surgical procedures.


It is the surgery of correcting the inner lips that have lost their shape and form, lost their symmetry compared to the other lip and become asymmetrical, and their edges become darker and blacker.


Vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal tightening, is achieved by removing the appropriate amount of tissue from the vagina to the extent that it does not cause loss of sensation, and by stitching it together.

Dr. Özgür Genital Rejuvenation Concept

It is the surgery of correcting the inner lips that have lost their shape and form, lost their symmetry compared to the other lip and become asymmetrical, and their edges become darker and blacker.

Clitoris Aesthetics

If the clitoral hood, which covers the clitoris like a hat, is lower than it should be, has lost its elasticity and is drooping, this will create a bad aesthetic appearance and cause loss of clitoral orgasm and sensation.

Genital Area Rejuvenation

Only 1 injector of adipose tissue is taken from the abdomen with liposuction under a light anesthesia, and the fat tissue is processed with special kits to obtain a stem cell-rich rejuvenation cocktail.

Orgasm Vaccine

The vaccine prepared with the blood taken from the patient is injected into the outer lips, clitoris, G spot, around the urinary canal and the base of the bladder, anterior and posterior vaginal wall.


In the G-SHOT process, in which various filling materials are used (Hyaluronic acid, Fat filling), after the G spot is determined by examination, this area is filled with a kind of hump to make it clear.

Vagina Tightening with Laser

Vaginal narrowing by shooting into the vagina in a controlled manner with laser technology is one of the most trendy of genital aesthetic applications.

Genital Whitening

The application of peeling and lightening with the effect of energy on the vagina, bikini area and inside of the legs darkened with laser is more demanded due to the fact that it is painless compared to other needle mesotherapy bleaching processes, and a foreign substance is not injected into the body.

Urinary Incontinence Treatment (Non-Surgical)

With the probe placed in the vagina, laser pulses are made and the sagging urinary bladder due to the decrease of collagen and connective tissue and the deteriorated anatomy are corrected again.

Hymen Reconstruction

Two main techniques are applied as permanent and temporary hymen suturing. Hymen surgeries generally have short recovery times. With good and careful surgical care, the post-operative process is passed without any problems.

Birth Tear Repair

This operation, also known as perineoplasty, not only improves the appearance of the area aesthetically, but also allows the pain during intercourse to be reduced or even completely treated. With this procedure, the opening of the vagina appears more closed and tight.

Pubis Aesthetics

The fat-rich and hairy part, which is located in the form of a bump on the upper part of the female genital area, is called the pubic region. Fat accumulation in this area and sagging due to weight gain and loss create an aesthetically disturbing appearance.

Labiaplasty Revision Surgery

In parallel with the increasing number of labiaplasty surgeries, the number of patients who do not get the desired result after the procedure or who are not satisfied with the result is also increasing. As a result, a revision (revision) surgery may be needed again.

Clitoris Reduction and Correction Surgery

This area is a very sensitive area that is very important for women's sexual life. There is a very dense neural network and vascularization in this region. It is extremely important that the surgery performed does not cause loss of sensation.

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