Can vaginismus be treated in two days?

Vaginismus refers to a condition in which the involuntary contracting of muscles around your vagina either prevents you from having sexual intercourse or makes intercourse painful. It is also known as fear of the wedding night.

Fear lies at the bottom of vaginismus. It evokes your body to go into something similar to panic attack mode. Symptoms include – at the time you go to have intercourse – contractions paralyzing your whole body (especially your legs and back), accelerated breathing, heart palpitations, crying, and a reflex where you feel like your pushing down on your partner.

Even after one or two unsuccessful attempts, couples may be eluded to think that vaginismus will go away with time. Some couples take drugs, alcohol, or sedatives to ease up before they have sex. However, if each successive attempt continues to be unsuccessful, you may feel demoralized and think that you’ll never be able to have sex. If this continues for over a year, you may feel yourself trapped in a vicious cycle, especially if your friends and family put pressure on you to have children.

Couples who don’t seek professional help may, in turn, succumb to marital problems – to the point of divorce, in some cases.

Dr. Ağlamış’s Special Vaginismus Treatment and Methods

Dr. Ağlamış’s methods can help you get rid of your vaginismus for good!


He’s developed a special treatment method that’s the first of its kind anywhere on Earth, and a first here in Turkey. It’s safe in terms of its application, and it doesn’t hurt the patient in any way. He uses special tools that emit customizable currents on your vaginal area to permanently relax your vaginal muscles, and thus vagina, without harming your sensitivity down there. The result: enhanced sexual pleasure for you!

Dr. Ağlamış’s treatment takes two – sometimes one – session to correct your vaginismus once and for all. It is easy, pain-free, requires no anesthesia or surgical intervention. It’s so successful that we’ve treated  broad range of cases – even patients/couples who’ve suffered from vaginismus for nearly 10 years (they hadn’t previously sought professional help), and professional gynecologists!

This procedure won’t require you to sit on a gynecological examination table (commonly known as “the fork). It also doesn’t require a speculum inserted into you either. (Many women are leery of both, we know!)

Vaginismus is the result of a lack of sex education (on both partners’ parts), false beliefs and – as we’ve already mentioned –  and fear. That in turn causes sex to be painful, it causes you to bleed a lot, it causes you and your partner to tense up, and it causes your vagina to close up like a wall. Therefore, we first focus on re-educating you first, and then we work on your vaginismus with custom exercises in order to get rid of it permanently.


Questions & Concerns

Does vaginismus treatment offer permanent results?

Yes, it does. It won’t recur after treatment.

Is this problem unique to me only? Am I simply unlucky?

No, you are not alone. It is very common – tens of thousands of couples suffer from vaginismus every year.

Should my spouse be by my side during treatment?

Yes, He should, but it isn’t mandatory. He should at least come to the first session.



Does this treatment involve the use of any instruments?

Yes, but they have been designed such that they won’t harm you. Most of our patients ask us – in fear – how we use them, especially given that they themselves can’t take a penis inside them. Their fear usually dissipates as soon as treatment begins, usually when they realize how comfortable the procedure is. This in turn allows them to focus better on their treatment.



Can vaginismus be treated in one session?

For some couples, yes.


Does your vaginismus treatment require fingering exercises?

No, it doesn’t.


Should I do both sessions one right after the other, or  should there be time taken in between?

This completely depends on the patient. If you’re visiting from abroad or outside Istanbul, you’ll likely receive both treatments two days back to back. If you already live in Istanbul and/or have no problem accessing our clinic, then spacing between the sessions may vary depending on your availability.



How long does each session take?

Between 45 minutes and 1 hour.


Is vaginismus always rooted in psychological issues?

In 95% of cases, yes; in 5% of cases, no – the latter tends to be anatomical reasons.


Does vaginismus treatment also involve a hymenoplasty?

It can. 1 out of 100 patients suffer from a congenitally closed or an anatomical impaired hymen– in which case surgery can treat that. Standard treatment doesn’t involve hymenoplasty.


Can I have a vaginal delivery after I have vaginismus treatment done?

Yes you can. Treatment won’t prevent you from delivering your baby vaginally.


Is vaginismus treatment expensive?

No, for a permanent solution and in two days, it’s reasonable.  If you don’t have it done, you may never be able to have sex, which can in turn lead to marital/relationship problems, and even divorce.