Rejuvenate your vagina.

Your vagina gets exposed to all sorts of chronic trauma – aging, delivery, hot wax or epilation. Especially as you begin to age, it can deform, lose  its volume, and lose its skin quality (just like other parts of your body do). Vagınal rejuvenation procedures – some surgical, others not – stop your vagina from looking old. They give you your self-confidence back.

Researches show that vaginal rejuvenation is growing leaps and bounds in popularity. Thanks to advanced technology, laser and radiofrequency-based treatment are now widely used to painlessly treat many vaginal problems, and they allow for quicker recovery. The same goes for rejuvenation applications such as filler, PRP and stem cell injections.

Who needs a vaginal rejuvenation?

Those who need/want vaginal rejuvenation want their vaginas to look more beautiful and anatomically correct. They reshape your vagina according to your wishes. They also (can) restore any lost sexual function as well.

For example, they can restore your vagina’s inner lips (labium minus) if they – over time – have lost their original shape, sag, are dark around the edges. With that, they can also correct chronic vaginal discharge, make sex less painful during the intercourse, and allow you to comfortably wear g-strings, bikinis, and tights.

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People who need vaginal rejuvenation tend to be women who’ve/whose/who:

  • Given birth multiple times, vaginally, to large infants
  • Experienced major tearing upon giving birth
  • Tears haven’t properly healed
  • Got scars of cesarean section-related sutures
  • Vaginas release queefs during intercourse because they’re loose
  • Got saggy, large, or asymmetrical inner lips (since puberty)
  • Got saggy, deformed, and/or dark inner lips (usually due to age)
  • Got a dark vagina due to hot waxing or epilation
  • Cannot reach orgasm or don’t get aroused enough during intercourse
  • Experience a loss of sensation during sex over time
  • Outer vaginal lips have lost volume and have begun to wrinkle
  • Vaginas have lost their skin quality or are wrinkly
  • Accidentally urinate themselves whenever they laugh, sneeze, strain something, or cough