Rejuvenate your vaginal area!

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Cells are the most valuable cells in our body. They have the potential to shape-shift into a whole array of different cells, and rejuvenate/regenerate wherever they get applied. They do this by repairing damaged and stressed tissue and stimulating factors slowing down –  or even stopping – cell death. Researches shows that adipose tissue is rich particularly in cells.

During the rejuvenation procedure, only one injector of adipose (fat) tissue is taken from your abdomen via liposuction (under sedation anesthesia). That adipose tissue then gets processed with special kits and converted into a rich rejuvenation cocktail.  That cocktail then gets injected into your vagina’s outer lips, clitoris, g-spot, and anterior and posterior walls, as well as around the urinary canal and the base of the bladder using special techniques.

Vaginal area rejuvenation aims to decrease wrinkles in your vagina’s outer lips, brighten up these lips, boost your sexual pleasure, enhance your orgasms, and increase lubrication –  all the while correcting vaginal dryness, discharge, infection, dyspareunia, and urinary incontinence.


You’ll be discharged within 2 hours after the procedure. You shouldn’t take a shower that same day. You can return to your normal routine and return to work the next day. There are no incisions or sutures – hence, recovery is scar free.

Questions & Concerns

Is vaginal rejuvenation permanent?

No. Its effects last for about two years.

How long does recovery take?

You can return to your normal routine and to work the next day.

When can I begin having sex again? 


Usually 3 days after the procedure – upon your doctor’s approval.

Will my partner notice that I’ve had the procedure done?

No, he won’t.

When can I go back to work?

The day after the procedure.

When can I begin traveling again?

The same day as the procedure – this includes air travel.