Laser Vaginal Tightening


Laser vaginal tightening involves shooting a laser beam at your vagina in a controlled manner to tighten it. It is a very popular procedure. It strengthens your vagina’s connective tissue if it gets loosened with age (caused by a decrease in collagen levels). If it goes untreated, your vagina may queef – thus embarrassing you in front of your partner.


We use the MonaLisa Touch laser whose beam is as wide/thick as half of a strand of hair. As mentioned above, any damage is made to the area its shot at in a controlled manner. Undamaged cellular secretions and factors around the area then migrate to the damaged site and tighten and heal it – hence a tighter, younger looking vagina.

No preparation is required beforehand. The procedure takes 10 minutes to complete, and can be done at any time except for when you’re on your period. It is pain-free, requires no anesthesia, and you get discharged immediately afterwards. To obtain maximum results, you’ll need at least 2 to 3 sessions (held 25 to 30 days apart).

Questions & Concerns

Is the procedure permanent?

Yes, for the most part.

Can I have laser procedure done at any season?

Is it true that I shouldn’t have it done during the summer and when it is hot outside.

Yes, you can have it done during any season. No, the latter is false.

How long does recovery take?

You can continue your normal routine and return back to work the same day.


When can I begin having sex again? 

Usually 3 days after the procedure – upon your doctor’s approval.


Will my partner notice that I’ve had the procedure done?

No, he won’t.


When can I go back to work?

The same day as the procedure.


When can I begin traveling again?

The same day as the procedure – this includes air travel.