Laser Vaginal Bleaching

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Vaginal bleaching involves using a laser to peel and bleach the color of your vagina, bikini line, and inner thighs. Compared to needle-based mesotherapy/bleaching, it is relatively pain-free and moreover involves no foreign substance being injected into your body; therefore it is more popular.


People who have this done tend to either have had waxing or epilation (in both cases chronic trauma) when young, or have given birth multiple times, use medications containing hormones, or suffer from chronic disease (e.g. diabetes). The result is a vagina that has darkened over time.

Laser technology can eliminate that over a series of two to three 10-minute sessions (held 25 to 30 days apart) that are pain- and anesthesia-free. No restriction in work or social life.

Questions & Concerns

Is laser vaginal bleaching permanent?

Yes, for the most part.


Can I have laser treatment done at any season?

Is it true that I shouldn’t have it done during the summer and when it is hot outside.
Yes, you can have it done during any season. No, the latter is false.


How long does recovery take?

You can return your normal routine and work the same day.

When can I begin having sex again?

Usually 3 days after the procedure – upon your doctor’s approval.


Will my partner notice that I’ve had the procedure done?

No, he won’t.


When can I go back to work?

The same day as the procedure.


When can I begin traveling again?

The same day as the procedure – this includes air travel.